About Us

Political Strategy-

We can build you a winning organizational structure and write a plan for the perfect campaign with a message for victory, efficient voter contact strategy, engaged social media outreach, targeted mail, effective broadcast media advertising and high-stakes event planning.

Issues and Position Analysis-

We have experience serving in non-profits and think-tanks. We built coalitions of businesses, industry representatives, educators, lawmakers, and non-profits who worked together to resolve important issues with community-based solutions and attained mastery of issues relevant to Idahoans.

Crisis Management/Media Relationships-

We’ve been through the fire. We can help you manage a public relations crisis.  We have relationships with media throughout Idaho and in Washington, DC. We have experience turning media narratives around for our clients. From bad to good, or mediocre to great, we can help you navigate any public situation you or your company is in. We can also provide communication elements such as writing press releases, holding press conferences, printing opinion pieces in news papers, and working with key media representatives to spread the word on issues that matter to you, or to fix a public relations struggle.

National Campaign Experience-

We have experience at the national political campaign level, organizing and executing events for candidates in presidential and congressional campaigns.

Statewide Campaign Experience-

We have experience managing congressional and gubernatorial campaigns in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Meetings with Key Stakeholders-

We are experienced with planning and executing a variety of high stakes and high value events ranging from media-centric staging or critical issue related meetings.

The Best Training-

Our staff has completed campaign management and fund raising programs at the Republican National Committee in D.C. and the non-partisan Women’s Campaign School at Yale, learning fundraising, media and strategic marketing from the brightest minds from around the world.

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