When your heart aligns with your work, what’s next comes naturally.

“Use your powers for good”, my dear friend tells me, the world renowned speaker and author, Nancy Boskor.  Nancy, also known as a “democracy coach”, travels the world to teach women to be empowered to step up as a leader in their community (and even run for office if it suits them).  She teaches women to embody what she has trademarked ‘Passion Driven Leadership’.

Our interpretation of her guidance on this is simply aligning your heart with your work.

Make the leap- finally dedicate some effort to solving problems on the issues you care deeply about. Partner with us and use our experience to make change through building an emotional bond with the community while dedicating efforts to solving important issues.

IBPA exists solely for the purpose of helping others achieve their dreams- whether it’s kicking off a new business, or a dream of increasing access to K-12 STEM resources, maybe it’s running for office, raising awareness of an important policy issue, or changing a law– we can help you achieve your goal.

“Our passion is to utilize our network, our resources, our contacts, to help you solve a problem you care deeply about.” China Gum, President, IBPA

As Nancy says, “You need to move people from concern to passion to action.”  Well, that’s exactly what we do here at IBPA. Nobody will work harder than us to help you achieve your goal.

So, how can we help you today?


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